A very bespoke bag

The making of a luxury bespoke bag

Two challenging weeks for Steven Harkin as he has been prototyping then making a bespoke bag for a very posh customer, a Lady.

Her prompt involved, among a series of challenges, that the bag would need to be extensible in height.

And of course LUXURY is a key word!

(As the bag is not finished and not on the market yet, I won’t divulge the whole process as yet).

Designing a new bag for Steven Harkin is often happening in his head. In fact he rarely uses his sketch book.

But this commission was really unusual and required a lot of thinking, drawing and problem solving. Something Steve really enjoys…


After discussing with the customer and drawing an idea of the finished handbag together, the first step was to realize a prototype.



The most challenging part: building an extensible element. Steve first experimented on a small scale.


The whole design and making adventure took two weeks of hard work, long hours in the workshop, a few mistakes and a lot of swearing…

as well as a visit or two to the osteopath for painful shoulders.


I can’ reveal the whole prompt yet but I think some of you may have guessed what the bag is going to be used for.


getting there

What you won’t imagine yet is how it will look once finished. I can tell you that it’ll be different from anything on the market as to its looks.

Trust Mr Harkin!

carrier bag


Through the workshop window, I could observe the progress … here’s a sneak peak…

In my next post, you’ll discover the finished luxury bag and I’ll tell you more about its owners.


To be followed!


P.s. Want to know who is Steven Harkin? Learn more about the designer/maker in this other post

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