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That’s right, if statement bag rhymes with glam, bling, shine, chains, paint and what-not, then Steven Harkin bags are ANTI statement bags.

Steven Harkin is definitely NOT following these Handbag trends as seen on the catwalks for Spring 2017! It’s all we are not into: flowers, strass, prints, hardware and bling.

Less is More is our motto more than ever compared with the likes of Prada, Proenza Schulter, Miù Miù, Michael Kors etc… as featured on the PurseBlog and all the glossy magazines. I can only describe these with one word: Horror! (Soooorryyyy)

Valentino Glam Lock Bag

Having said that, there are some interesting trends for 2017, as seen on Vogue’s Ultimate Spring/Summer 2017 Bags Trend Guide , Elle Trends Report and in one of my favourite blog’s, Fashionisers , great review:



  • using traditional chains or bigger ones (Steven Harkin only ever used a chain once in a Chanel-look-alike bag. It was an old toilet chain!  Read more here…)


Much more to our liking:  Lemaire‘s bold but simple designs, which reminds us of a Dragana Perisic handbag



And finally Jacquemus‘s clean lines (love the photos on their website but good luck to actually SEE a bag, description and price!)


I strongly encourage you to visit Lemaire and Jacquemus websites, they are beautifully designed…(I am talking about the websites, not the bags!)

Get in touch, tell us your thoughts below! Send us your pics!

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