Jump in the unknown

How to embrace uncertainty?


Moving to Australia for a year meant business hasn’t been as usual for the past (almost) 2 months! While Steve is already settling in and back to work, I have been living off a suitcase, travelling to France, Belgium and the U.K., staying at friends’ places.

Brussels Le Chat

I am enjoying it to a certain extent: surprisingly, I haven’t had any trouble sleeping and adapting to different beds and it’s been great to reconnect with old and newer friends as well as family.

However, strange things happen like when I opened the fridge thinking of finding tomatoes then remembering that it was actually at other people’s place I’d seen them!  or “Where have I left my blue shoes? Are they in the car, in that bag or in the suitcase?”. Oh, well, small things – are you saying – but it can be a bit daunting at times. It doesn’t help focusing on work, I can tell you!

Which means terrible thoughts of failure sometimes overcome the excitement of a new start. “I have worked so hard to get here, will I loose everything?”

My dear friend Dreda introduced me to a great book to help with the unknown future: Embracing Uncertainty by Susan Jeffers (author of Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway). Her words “show us how life can be fulfilling and rewarding, not in spite of, but because of the uncertainty”. Life IS uncertain, we can never predict what is going to happen in the next few days, let alone months. The only way is to stay open and trust the universe. Stop saying “I hope this or that is going / not going to happen”, instead say “I wonder what is going to happen” for instance. I was going to add the book to my Kindle when I realised I’ve sent it Down Under beforehand!

traveling the world

Anyway, I am flying to Sydney soon and am determined to get back to a (new) routine and try and catch up with my marketing work asap, jetlag permitting.  Because Steven Harkin Handbags relies also on my work to make sure more and more people discover Steve’s beautiful creations.


backpack by steven harkin


In England the past weeks, I have worked on photography with JustStyleMe personal stylist Dreda van Beer, taking pictures of my red and white leather backpacks with different outfits; then “photoshopping” them… meaning, using Adobe Photoshop Software to enhance the photos and adding different backgrounds.

One advantage of this gypsy-style life is that it is never boring!

Ah, come the day I can undo my suitcases and hang my clothes in a wardrobe, cook dinner at 6 and watch TV, not missing any episode of Poldark and even enjoy winter down under!

Until the next adventure of course…

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