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What the colour red means…

Red is the colour of fire and blood, so it is associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love. Red is a very emotionally intense colour. It enhances human metabolism, increases respiration rate, and raises blood pressure?

the colour red

Did you know that Red is also a magical and religious color? I read on the Color Matters website: “It symbolized super-human heroism to the Greeks and is the color of the Christian crucifixion. Red was almost as rare and as expensive as purple in ancient days – a fact that may explain its magic and power. Paradoxically, today’s intense red dyes come from crushed insects (the lac beetle and the cochineal).”To read more go to

Being both Aries, we love the color Red. When we choose an object for the house we instinctively go for scarlet:  from our red SMEG fridge to the coffee machine, bath towels and art…red art

When we decided to launch the Steven Harkin brand at a London trade show, we went to Ikea to buy display shelves. We also thought it’d be different to have a sofa on our stand and it would definitely attract people tired of walking through the infinite exhibiting Halls of Olympia. We needed a red sofa, preferably leather, to really stand out. Among dozens of settees, we saw a gorgeous red one, made of leather, great shape, but it was only there for display, not for sale!Red leather sofa


A bit disappointed, we went to pick up our shelves. There was a queue. So we sat on one of the … RED leather sofas… there were about 10 red couches for customers to sit and wait! Steve convinced the manager to sell us one.

It has been with us for almost 15 years. Sadly we had to let it go when we moved to Folkestone as it turned impossible to carry up the stairs…

We also both love to dress in red (Steve always has at least one red shirt) and there is nothing more exciting for us than to wear a pair of red shoes. It is our lucky colour. That’s why we have chosen it for our branding.  Because red stands out anywhere. Our bags stand out even more in red. When we lived in Italy, I had a pair of gorgeous red brogues with black laces. I’d dress all in black with just the red backpack and shoes. Oh! and our dream car will have to be red when we get it! (see picture…)

the red colour


Spring/summer 2017 sees red at the forefront again. I started writing this post in February and forgot about it! Didn’t post it, too much to do, what with the move… and I felt… maybe I should write about the colours that are REALLY trendy, Pink, Lapis blue, Hazelnut…? But I was wrong! Even Stylist is posting about red now! see their article here.

So…What does the colour red mean to you? Do you wear red? What is your favourite colour? 

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