The wait is over

“The worst part of life is waiting. The best part of life is waiting for someone worth it”.

the long wait

Men are kept waiting…

I kept Steve waiting for almost three months! Oops!

While I was visiting family and friends in Belgium, Switzerland, France, London and Burnham on Crouch, Steve did a bit of catching up with his family and friends in Oz. But his suitcase had been left in London so he had to borrow some warmer clothes for about 5 days!

Steve was left on his own with the Internet!

He was obliged to learn how to use Facebook for himself (phew! one thing I won’t have to do anymore for him: his personal page!).

On top of making handbags to fulfil orders, he had to deal with invoicing, booking couriers and following up deliveries to our customers. It was quite a challenge. A very patient customer summed it up pretty well:

“It is always a problem trying to do business in a new place. What we normally take for granted is just not the same – but we learn quick!!”

In the meantime…

On the other side of the world, I had to learn to do some “heavy” jobs, like a few trips to the recycling centre, check the oil before driving on my own to Brussels and back a few times,…. and deal with one of my phobias: having to drive up hills! The worst being the upper deck on the Channel Shuttle.


the backpack photo shoot

In between trips to the continent, I also managed to improve my photo shooting skills with Style and Business Coach, Dreda Van Beer in preparation of my long journey to Australia. I then played a bit with the Pepe backpack and Photoshop as you will see if you follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram.

A lady isn’t kept waiting

I was luckier than Steve and didn’t have to wait too long for my heavy suitcase (which made it to Oz). No big queue at customs (nice guys, no hassle), then a really easy transfer to Domestic Terminal for my last flight to Coffs Harbour. I’ll leave you with these beautiful images I took of our beach the day I arrived. Click the image below to watch a short video on our new location:

Urunga beaches

Good things come to those that wait…..

Now the wait is over, back to business!


I’d love to hear your thoughts….All comments are welcome!



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