Timeless Handbag – The Barbara

 20 years old!
Barbara: a timeless handbag

I am also celebrating a big birthday this April, but I am not ready to embrace pastels or wear a purple hat.
Like the Barbara handbag, I like to stand out in bold colours. 

Often referred to as an iconic bag, the Barbara is a classic handbag that combines retro feel with modern lines
(no frills, a certain sense of nostalgia, minimal but bold).

Classic and modern enough not to be out of date after 20 years!

Timeless handbag


Steven designed it in Australia as an experiment.
He forgot about it and moved on to aluminium and Formica bags.

In 2001, visiting Australia for the first time, I discovered a brown leather handbag on a shelf in his Canberra workshop.
“This would fly off the shelves in Italy!” I said.

And I was right 🙂

Years later, the Barbara handbag received a make over: new cleaned lines, bold colours, head-turning.

Barbara bags

We presented it at a Milan Trade Fair and took orders from indie shops and concept stores based in Milan, Turin, Rome and Parlermo.
The Barbara was a favourite, together with her little sister the Babs.



Timeless handbag

It was featured in the Financial Times How to Spend It Magazine in 2007 in an article about Niche Bags that are not available to everyone.

About 20 different elements are needed to make the Barbara and Babs.
It takes a day to make them and a lot of attention to detail.

Never out of style but always with an attitude!
My plan is to adopt this motto for the next 20 years for myself!

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