White leather bags: how to clean them

How to clean your white leather bags spick and span


white leather backpack


I have just cleaned my 8 years old white leather backpack and am extremely pleased with the result.


clean your white bag

I first rubbed this Aloe Vera Leather Balm with a clean dry cloth to clear off dirt and stains.


Then I dried the product with a clean cloth.


Finally I applied a sports whitener, like those you use for tennis shoes. My favourite product is Belgian brand Ca Va Seul which my sister had a bottle of. Unfortunately the company seems to have disappeared. But I have found similar whiteners with a sponge that should do the job.


White leather backpack

Here it is, after its treatment.

The Pepe backpack can be customised with a contrasting brogue. I especially like it on white leather. If you like brogues, check the Kylie clutch with black brogue or the BB and Eliza bags.

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