Welcome to Steven Harkin Leather Bags

A collection of iconic luxury leather bags for independent women.

Clean lines, bold colours, contemporary designs: our evening bags, stylish backpacks, shoulder bags and handbags for everyday use are handmade in London.

Because we make to order, there’s very little chance that you’ll see someone else carrying the exact same piece. This also means that we can keep a tight control on quality, ensuring that our bags will last longer than those that are mass produced. 

At the moment, you can purchase our bags online or in London, at Dragana Perisic and in Hobart, Tasmania (Australia) at Icon.

We have been selling online for the past 10 years, via Amazon, Etsy and our own website. You can shop comfortably from anywhere you are. It's safe and easy. 

Handmade To Order

An interview

Steven Harkin Introduction

2006 is the year Barbara and I launched the Steven Harkin brand in London. In this interview, I talk about how I came to Britain, how I work and what inspires me. 

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