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This year we’re getting to know the people behind the brands, with a series of blogs introducing you to our 2019 exhibitors. We’ve asked some of the world’s most creative minds what inspires them the most, why they’re exhibiting, and what we can expect from them at designjunction 2019.

 In this post we speak to master craftsman Steven Harkin, who creates stylish timeless leather bags, individually made, dated and signed.

What inspires your designs?

“Line” Architectural, product, cars. It is the line (shapes) that makes my bags both different and functional.

What is your favourite product you’ll be showcasing at designjunction and why?

“Pepe” The backpack. Simple, elegant, durable and functional. It comes in 4 sizes
and a wide range of colours. Perfect for business or pleasure. None other like it.

Describe your brands style in 3 words

Timeless, functional, durable

Why are you exhibiting at designjunction 2019?

To showcase my 40 years of designing and making to a design appreciative audience and to showcase that there is more to leather bags than they are normally exposed to.

What can visitors expect from you at the show this year?

To see something different in bags, and find a good quality British handmade product that doesn’t break the bank. All bags are made by me and individually signed and dated.

What advice do you have for a designer just starting out?

Trust in yourself and your instincts.

The ‘Pepe’ backpack

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