Leather Care

Steven Harkin Leather Bag Care

Leather bag care can be a tricky business

This post provides some tips to keep your Steven Harkin leather bag beautiful and ensures it ages gracefully.

8 years old backpacks

(These two backpacks are both 8 years old. Notice how well they have kept their shape!)

All our leathers are of Italian or Spanish origin. There will be natural markings of the producer and variations in colour and finish according to batch tannings.

Leather is a natural material, which means a bag can have marks and scars from the original animal.  

Our bags are handmade products. As such, the maker’s signature (me, Steven) may be visible, which contributes to each piece’s individuality.

leather care

  • Your bag may be damaged if not stored correctly. For example, it may be damaged by hard-edged boxes.
  • When storing, avoid direct sunlight and heat for long periods. They are perfectly safe in the rain! Don’t be afraid to use them whatever the weather ☺ but avoid leaving them bathing in water!
  • Try not to overfill your bag. If you have to pull the zip too hard, it means you either need to re-organise your stuff or there is just too much in it!

How to care for your leather bag

All products made from natural leathers will age with time. Just like our own skin, your bag will need moisturising and caring for if it is to be kept in tip-top condition. Even with excellent care, they will still age. There’s no avoiding this. A well looked after and aged bag is just beautiful as a new one, if not even more so.

  1. Regularly clean your bag’s surface: once a month (or more if necessary) apply some mild soap on a wet cloth and gently rub. Try first on a hidden part of your bag in case the colour comes off easily (it can happen with some bright colours).
  2. Apply a traditional shoe cream or neutral wax as you would with a fine pair of leather shoes.
  3. Scuffs and scratches: it can be tricky and sometimes impossible to get rid of them but I generally rub with my fingers. You could try olive oil. Then rub to smooth.
  4. Serious scuffs (finger nails scratches): if rubbing doesn't work, use an ink rubber and softly scrub over the mark. Then apply shoe wax (the colour of your bag) with a soft cloth, apply all over and around the mark. Leave to soak for about 15 minutes. Re-apply if necessary. When mark is not showing anymore, do as you would with leather shoes: make it shine with a clean and dry soft cloth.

Patent leather:

  • Cleaning is easily done with a mild soap spray and a wet cloth.
  • Dust should be removed with a dry but very soft cloth (chamois or shoe shine cloth).

We offer an after sales and repair service:

If your bag wears out due to:

  • normal wear and tear
  • poor workmanship
  • faulty material,

we’ll repair or replace it.

We will not replace products damaged by misuse or improper care. However, we may still be able to repair the product.

In the unlikely case of broken zips or fittings, email us on stevenharkinbags@gmail.com with a photo of the damage and we’ll advise on where to send your bag for repair.

Leather bag care is an important aspect of enjoying your Steven Harkin bag.

Thank you for supporting our efforts to make beautiful quality handbags.

We reserve the right to determine what constitutes normal wear and tear, poor workmanship, faulty material, misuse and/or improper care.