Red leather backpackI am the proud and happy new owner of the wonderful Pepe. Having lusted after him for years, he is now mine! Red with black lining, and a place for everything, he is the perfect partner for every occasion. I normally cart around a big bag full of bits, but my Pepe will keep that under control with the perfect place for all I need but no more. He fits my sunnies, wallet, phone, iPad mini, umbrella, makeup, pens, reading glasses, notebook and novel and that’s it. What more could I want?


My sweetheart of a husband braved the horror of the shops to search out the perfect preside for my birthday and returned with Marc Jacobs with its gold label and buckles. It took me a week to bring myself to tell him I really didn’t love it – and for the cost you should. It was mass produced and made in Vietnam and not very interesting. I returned it and for the same amount I have a hand-made artwork in the most beautiful materials and details, signed discreetly by the maker with a stamp to the inner. It is magnificent! And Adam agrees and now knows where to look for future choices, and he can do it online.

This bag is a keeper. You most definitely get what you pay for (and more): a practical AND stunningly beautiful friend that you can take with you everyday everywhere, and to the envy of all (if that’s what you are into). Katrina, Melbourne

I bought this bag last year (bright yellow exterior with purple interior) and I absolutely adore it. Aside from being comfortable to wear and a practical bag when you’re tearing around after kids, it is beautifully made and brightens my day just looking at it. I’ve used it almost daily since I bought it and get comments on it every week. I can’t rate this bag or the customer service highly enough. If I could I’d have one in every colour.  (Jodie Smith, Nov 7, 2017)


I absolutely love my Mew bag, the quality is excellent and the design beautiful. I get compliments every time I take it out. People even stop me in the street to tell me how much they love it. I would thoroughly recommend Steven Harkin's bags. I’ll have to post a photo on Facebook. Lorraine Devlin – December 2016

white leather clutch bagThank you so much! my Kylie arrived today and I am so happy
The bag is a beautiful creation and it is an extra delight to be able to support a UK manufacturer – the craftsmanship is truly exceptional
I had a goggle search for a white clutch during my lunch and up popped your website and I fell in love with the look of the Kylie and now to hold it for real I know will make me feel a little special on a day we dress up to celebrate a wedding
Thank you for your prompt service and delivery.  (Bev Jones– August 2016)





I found the black patent version of this rucksack 6 years ago and gave it to my style-conscious girlfriend for her birthday. She has loved it and used it a great deal ever since and due to its solid construction, it still looks as good as new. This year I gave her the red patent version. She reports that the impact it makes is FANTASTIC and she has never before received so many compliments and questions about any style item. As she often matches it with Russian Red lipstick and stiletto-heeled red sandals I can quite see why! A great buy. Hugo Patten, London, December 2016






I love this bag. I keep looking at the backpack but got this one to tide me over till I can splurge. This little bag is great looking and the only bag I’ve ever found that’s exactly the right size. It holds my phone and wallet and change purse and large hair clip and keys and more. But it’s small and compact. Did I say it looks great? Love it. (Lora, Nov 17)


 ★★★★★ "A lovely and unique backpack purse. I like that it can stand up and not lose its shape. A small detail about the straps for this backpack purse is that you can adjust the length, and there is no "tail" made by the end of the backpack straps that look unsightly. As to the overall shape of the backpack, it is taller than it is wide. So when I wear the backpack on my back, it looks more proportionate and attractive. This is in contrast to many of the other backpack purses that are more square shaped or even more wide than is tall. In the short time I've used this purse, I have received many compliments." Sandra G.