Adventure awaits

Adventure awaits

2017 is a year of change

…and we are taking the leap of change!

Some of you met us in Folkestone where we have a shop called Anecdotes Design. Some of you had never been in Folkestone before 2016 and were pleasantly surprised discovering the Harbour Arm and the Creative Quarter (where we live and work), all part of a long-term regeneration project of the town.

Anecdotes on the Harbour Arm

The area is going through an amazing amount of transformation: lots of new shops and cafés have opened last year and there will be more. However, to make this happen, buildings are being renovated or built! Just next door to Anecdotes,  a new building will be started soon. This will be fantastic in about 18 months time. But before there will be a lot of disruption (lorries, bricks, sand, dust, noise, scaffolding). In brief: we will be surrounded by work sites.

Anecdotes Steven Harkin Folkestone

So, when a friend offered us his house by a warm sea for a year (while he and his wife will be abroad) … it seemed the perfect time for us to take a break from England and go on a little adventure. We have another few months to plan it all….

planning our adventure

We’ll close the shop in Folkestone at the end of April. So if you are thinking of ordering a bag for the spring/summer, make sure you do so before the end of March! Have a look at our collection and sign up if you haven’t done so yet, you’ll receive 15% discount immediately!

In June 2017, we’ll be heading to a place where the sun shines a lot and temperatures can hit 40°C in summer… any guess?


Don’t worry Steven Harkin bags will still be made and sold online or you could visit of course! Find out more in my next post and follow us on Facebook!

Adventure Awaits … what next?

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