Australian experience

A Belgian Pom in Oz

Chapter 1 – The (Belgian) Princess and the pea (mushy)


If you’ve read my introduction, you may have an idyllic vision of my new life down under.

Well, believe me, aside from the perfect blue skies and 30 degrees, I was far less than impressed when I arrived at the beginning of August:

  • NO dishwasher and NO hot water in the kitchen. (Ohhkay… not the end of the world. Actually, the whole world should go without dishwashers and hot water in their kitchen. Let’s all save energy!)

  • NO radiators! it’s freezing cold as soon as it gets dark (5 pm in August). (Mind you, Steve installed a controlled electric heater in the bathroom because “if there is something I just CANNOT and WILL NOT adapt to, is to go to a cold toilet!” He has learnt to take my statements seriously.)

  • NO Fast broadband, hardly ANY Internet as we are in a black spot! Really? How am I supposed to run an online business and work from home if I can’t get a proper connection!? What was the point investing hundreds of pounds in the purchase of a new laptop back in Blightey?

  • To top it all up, Steve misjudged the level of gas left in the bottle so we had to eat sandwiches and salad for about a week as there isn’t a microwave oven either! and the delivery man is coming from about 300 km from here!

Result: I just wanted to go back to civilisation, on the first plane to London.

Princess leaving

The Princess left for ever

In the next chapter, the Princess has to rescue her Prince from a Sea Monster…. read more soon!



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