Exhibitions in London: Cockpit Arts Open Studios

Cockpit Arts Open studios approach, sneak peak behind the scenes. 

There are only 2 Open studios seasons at Cockpit Arts:

one in November, the other one in June. All the creatives and craftmakers work extra hours to prepare to show their studio and creations to visitors and friends, and potential buyers. 

Leathersellers awardees_Alun Callender

Alun Callender Photography – Cockpit Arts – The Pop up Studio

As part of Open studios, there will be a photography exhibition by Alun Callender

A few weeks ago, the Leathersellers' awardees were gathered at Cockpit Arts Holborn studios for a special photo shoot, part of Alun Callender’s photography project. Each artist was asked to bring some of the tools they use on a day to day  basis as well as a prop or two.

Steven Harkin_Alun Callender

Photography: Alun Callender

So here Steven is holding one of his tools, which he adapted to bend the metal handles of some of his bags. He also brought an electric drill, not your typical leather tool but Steven Harkin bags are not your usual handbags, are they?

We have just received some pictures that Alun is happy for us to have before the exhibition opening. I am really curious to see the other ones! This is such a nice portrait of Steve and I have seen photos of the other awardees, all really good. The exhibition takes place at Cockpit Arts Holborn.

Steven is starting to feel at home in his new workshop and is really appreciating the change:

"It's actually great to be working in an environment where everyone I meet is a maker, a designer or a creative anyway. It reminds me of my time in Canberra. It is stimulating and there is a nice sense of community".

Steven's neighbour, Eleonor Lakelin, is amongst the top in her field of wood turning. "We try to ignore one another's swearing when things aren't going right and a reassure one another with a gentle pat on the shoulder or a hug. It's great having someone who is so dedicated and professional as my neighbour".

Eleanor Larkin_wood sculptures

                                                  Wooden sculptures by Eleanor Lakelin

"There is always loads of activity of people coming and going, such as Habitat's Christmas window creatives."

"Of course, the mentoring and business workshops are so challenging and helpful. Getting me back on track, moving onto a new stage of my career: towards hiring and training apprentices in order to one day soon (hopefully), guide the minions from a laptop on a beach! haha!" 

Want to talk about the future with Steven? Visit him at our first Cockpit Arts Open Studios this Christmas. We will be at both events, Deptford and Holborn.

 The Katrhyn bags

 New Kathryn range

Join us for this perfect opportunity to buy direct from the best of London's independent makers:

 many leather makers, not only our bags but also 

  • shoes (Carre Ducker, pictured), jewellery and more like the fabric birds by Abigail Brown (pictured)
  • fabrics, ceramics like those by Vanessa Hogge (pictured), glass
  • Lorna Syson (remember her from our shop?) fabrics and homeware, and other great British designers like Thornback & Peel, Lush Designs, ...
  • fashion
  • wood sculptures by Eleanor Lakelin (her studio is next door to Steven in Deptford) 
  • "the first person commissioned to design a modern carpet for Buckingham Palace" Amber Khokar


Now is the time to book your ticket!  We'll be exhibiting and selling our iconic styles and new collections at both Holborn and Deptford Christmas Open studios:

Holborn | 23 – 25 November

Fri 1-8pm, Sat & Sun 11am-6pm
Cockpit Yard, Northington St, London, WC1N 2NP
Tubes: Holborn, Chancery Lane & Russell Square

Find us at studio E3, come for a chat!

Deptford | 30 November – 2 December

Fri 1 – 8pm, Sat & Sun 11am-6pm
18-22 Creekside, London, SE8 3DZ
Rail: Deptford or DLR: Deptford Bridge

Steven Harkin's permanent studio is on the ground floor, number 7 (on the right hand side from entrance). 

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  • Lilian Wissink

    Hi Steve and Barbara….just catching up on your blogs. Great to read and hear about the wonderful opportunities in the UK. Stunning bags and craftsmanship, as usual Steve. And love the pic…very cool!….Lilian

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