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According to The Times, "It’s like choosing a car — most of us want a mid‑sized model that will last".

Would you agree?

What is your favourite handbag size?

Do you collect handbags or do you use ONE handbag over and over again until it falls apart? 

I know that Steven Harkin Handbags owners value the craftsmanship and quality of materials as well as the looks of their handbag, and often own more than just one of his creations. 

I would be very interested to know if you have a favourite handbag and which is your dream bag.

Steven is working on a new collection which will include a mid(ish) size Tote to carry a laptop, with enough room for a lunch box or two. It will be a multi-use handbag with interchangeable straps that will transform into a cross-body bag. As usual, it'll look smart and you will have a choice of different combinations of colours.

This new Tote bag is ideal for the modern woman. Steve has been listening to Kathryn and her friends, in their thirties, big jobs in the City and two toddlers to pick up from nursery.

It celebrates Steven Harkin starting at Cockpit Arts as a Leathersellers' Awardee.

Watch this space to find out more about the " London" bag, named Kathryn.

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