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Bags with metal handles as a feature

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One material Steven Harkin  likes to use aside from leather, is anodised aluminium. It’s light and he can shape it into any curve his design is asking for. He has created special tools to bend it into the metal handles that often decorate his leather bags.

bags with metal handles

The most iconic bag using metal handles is called Mew. First developed as a magazine stand incorporating a lamp in Italy, it has become one of Harkin’s  signature styles. So much so that Paris Museum of Fashion have one in their permanent collection.

Mew for web home page

The name Mew comes from a Pokemon character. We were brainstorming in our flat in Italy when my 9 year old son and his friend came in and exclaimed “oh! it looks like Mew!”.

You’ll love taking Mew out with you

The Mew is a unique design that stands on its feet. No need to worry about keeping it clean. You’ll definitely make an impression wherever you ago.

You won’t go unnoticed with the Mew bag: imagine yourself standing it on the counter at Harvey Nicks or Liberty’s to try a pair of gloves or some jewellery! Or at a trendy bar or restaurant, next to your Prosecco or Cocktail glass!

A Canadian lady has 4 of them, beaten by a Dutch customer who owns 7, each matching one of her favourite pairs of shoes.  She sent us a picture of some of her collection:

Mew bag in three colours


The Mew handbag is playful, joyful and very special. A few of our customers collect it to match their shoes… some keep it on the mantelpiece to let it be admired by their friends, when not using it. The half-moon shape reminiscent of a 1950s magazine rack, combined with contemporary design and metal elements, make the Mew an absolute statement for a woman who is not afraid of being different.

Mew Handbag by Steven Harkin

Other styles featuring an aluminium handle are:

the Pod, the Fossie (new design), the Smart attaché case and the AC bag.

This September, we’ll be launching a few NEW designs, so don’t miss Steven Harkin new Newsletter. Sign up! Here is a sneak preview: the Fossie cross-body bag , the small Kat cross-body bag and an improved Pepe backpack (handy hidden external pocket).

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