New Steven Harkin Workshop

New Steven Harkin Workshop in Australia

It only took Steve about a week to build his new workshop in Bellingen, where he has joined his old friend Bruce Erskine team at the Old Butter Factory. He first made some room in the Awl Leather Workshop, choosing a corner under the stairs, making sure not to disturb the other occupants but also to have enough space and privacy. (Steven Harkin is used to working on his own, like a bear in its den…)


Here is how it started: a couple of MDF sheets to build bench top and storage underneath, for templates and edge coat. A narrow shelf around the top to keep glue and fittings at hand.

leather workshop

A few wide shelves to store leather and linings. Finally a long narrower shelf for fittings, thread and zips.

Not pretty but essential, a big bin and loads of light. A stool next to the sewing machine and our precious logo embosser, which has travelled with Steve from Italy to London and now here.

And there he is, at work, making a Navy Blue Envelope Clutch, very first bag made in Australia since he left 17 years ago.

Envelope clutch



<<Click here to see more about how your handbag is made>>


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