New workshop, new job, new home!

(Photos: all mine!)
As some of you already know, our life is a real roller coaster: we closed our shop in Folkestone in April 2017, moved to the Australian bush in June to try life down under. But our business is in Europe, and mainly in the UK, so we were back in March 2018 first in London where Steven received a Cockpit Arts/Leathersellers' Award. All seemed to be rolling for us. But then in April Steve was taken to A&E for a ruptured gall bladder and sepsis - 4 days in intensive care, a total of three weeks in hospital... 
Add another two months for his complete recovery. 

July. A marvellous summer in Britain... aside from me coming back from Oz when the Beast from the East hit the country, we've been so lucky and haven't had to wear a coat much in the past year.

We were looking for flats in London when I got offered a job on the Eurotunnel site, here in Folkestone. 
Almost on the same day, we heard about a lovely little town house, completely refurbished for half the price we would pay in the area of Deptford and Greenwich for a studio.

It means Steven has to commute to London - which is not ideal but it gives us more time to find the place of our dreams... and he is looking for a room for when things will get really busy and has to stay overnight. 


  • Jill Bailey

    is it possible to visit the workshop (where is it now?) and try on these bags.
    I have a slightly dodgy back and so the correct rucksack design is mission critical in my life! LOVE the black patent one!!!

  • Dot

    Really love the pic of Steve and the seagull, wonderful. Good to hear you’re back in Folkestone, we haven’t been back since you left! Do you have an outlet there? Hope all well with you both, good to hear that you’re working locally Barbara, maybe see you sometime soon. Xx

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