Team Harkin still strong despite the years

2020 we still rock!   

This morning, we moved Steven's workshop to a Folkestone storage unit, until the Universe or fate sends us a sign for the next stage in our life. And we nailed it! It reminded me of the old times when we were exhibiting at trade shows. Steve can pack and unload a van quickly thanks to his visual and "architect's" mind. I am very good at supervising and preventing potential accidents caused by his impatience. I learnt how to use a heavy trolley fast and am not afraid to sweat.   

The Corona pandemic has made it clear that commuting to London four days a week was putting a toll on Steven's health. We are not getting younger,  guys, believe us, do not age!

Well, obviously you will but if you can, follow Captain Tom's whatever diet has kept him fit! Now I understand fully what Jacques Brel meant in one of his songs with "Mourir, la belle affaire... mais vieillir, viellir!" (dying is nothing compared to becoming old). Don't get me wrong, I am not thinking of leaving this life soon if I can choose! 

We may look youthful and feel young at heart, every morning our body reminds us of the years adding up. Going down the stairs takes much longer, our backs need more time to become straight without pain and the coffee mugs will have to be moved lower to please our shoulders...

team Harkin

Thanks to the lockdown, our projects for 2020 have come to a - temporary or beneficial? - halt: how will the steven harkin brand evolve? 

We are not sure yet but it's ok, there is no need to rush into some new adventure, we can take it easy and probably make the best decision for ourselves and the next decade. 



  • MArtine

    Good luck which ever you decide to do

  • Jesse McHugh

    So pleased that you are both creating a new version of lifestyle/business on a less stressful basis enabling greater pleasure and sharing together.

  • Sandra Austin-Cooper

    Hi you two, you both look good so dont worry, my old Gran had a saying " its not for the faint hearted getting older" and I think she was right, but we must all carry on regardless. take care and keep on keep on going, lotsa luv and big hugs xx

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