The Big Move 2

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Moving Down Under: the clock is ticking!

Only 10 days till we close the shop in Folkestone. It’s been a roller coaster of a time in the Creative Quarter, some good memories and a great experience being part of a big regeneration project!

It’s time for a new adventure: Australia awaits with new opportunities. Feeling excited!

moving down under


However, we will still be in England until June, finishing up orders and preparing for the big move down under. Steven will go first, visit family, get to know the new workshop and, most of all, make sure creepy crawlies stay away from the house for when I join him!



Rest assured that we’ll still be in touch and available for after sales customer service: remember, as part of your Steven Harkin Bag purchase, you get long term repair service so don’t be afraid to get in touch if needed! Our Handmade Leather Bags will keep being on stage, we are working hard at growing the online business.

We’ve also started a collaboration with a great shop in Shoreditch, London. Dragana Perisic makes gorgeous clothes that are different, combining a love for fabric and good quality…. rings a bell? We were made to be together!

Dragana Perisic and Steven Harkin

Don’t forget you can still avail of Free UK delivery AND 20% off your next purchase until the 25th of April!

Those who follow us on Facebook know how obsessed I am with Royal Ascot: love the craziness of the hats mixed with the traditions, the Queen and the dress code!

Royal Ascot

Every year we get orders from customers for Ladies Day and the importance of matching the clutch bag with their outfit makes me dream. Sadly, I myself have never had a chance to attend. Well, it’ll remain on my bucket list for when we come back to Britain!  Interested? Check the Dress Code Video here 


Thank you all for supporting our efforts, keep spreading the word and send us your pictures showcasing our beautiful bags! We are truly grafeful and will not forget you!

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