The Italian Dream


Being an Australian working with leather, Italy was like Mecca for me.

So, in 2000 I ended up living and working in Northern Italy.

However, my influences were not the traditional leather designs and products, but that side of Italian design that is perfectly formed minimalism.

Alessi Milano

Of course, Italian leather. (best in the world)

Alfa Romeo, beautiful in all its detail, Alessi and their daring in product design, and my Australian friend Robert Foster ( Fink & Co ).

robert foster Fink design

So, my years in Italy brought what I call my “Italian Dream” series, all of which are my best sellers.

A line of 'less is more' bags. The “Barbara, and Babs, Pepe and Mew

Form and Function, timeless.


design junction London 2019

As part of the show, I was asked some interesting questions which you can read on the designjunction blog.

The theme at designjunction this year is re(act), reimagine, reconnect...

What a perfect occasion for Steven Harkin to reconnect, reimagine and relaunch the Italian collection!

I do feel I am reconnecting with London and its vibrant creative world, since coming back from Australia 2 years ago, lucky enough to be invited to join Cockpit Arts.

So grateful and excited to be part of London Design Festival in London’s most exciting creative quarter, Kings Cross. 

Life is good.


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