Wardrobe classics revisited for 2019

Yellow Mary Janes by JuliaBoShoes


I have a bit of an obsession for shoes. Not easy to find comfortable, well made shoes here in Folkestone. I must confess, I miss Italian shoes. However, I have found some really gorgeous and comfy shoes recently, on the web!

It's a great way to shop and if I am disappointed, I can always send my purchase back and get a refund.

Of course, I try not to, especially when I buy from crafts people like us. 

Etsy is a great online community where you can buy safely from all over the world. When I need a gift or am looking for shoes or clothes, it's one of my first destinations. We also have a shop on Etsy, which has allowed us to spread the word about our bags in the States and in the UK. Don't know Etsy? Check it out

Ever wanted a pair of shoes in a different colour than what the shops offer? Julia Bo on Etsy has a customization service: a wide range of colours and styles!

I haven't bought the  yellow Mary Janes yet, but they are on my list. Just hesitating on the colour.

Or should I go for these amazing black and white heels :

Black and white shoes by JuliaBoShoes

The reviews are all very good and the prices are reasonable. 

Black patent brogues by Rogue Matilda

This is my last purchase: the most comfortable brogues, made in Italy for British company Rogue Matilda. I discovered them on Instagram and bought them online via Anthropologie. They are perfect for work and match my patent black laptop backpack to perfection.

 little black dress by Elisabeth Stone

Another Etsy shop I've recently discovered is British Elisabeth Stone. She makes beautiful dresses to order. Amazing choice and service!

Pinky beige spring coat Comptoir des Cotonniers

Another shop I have bought from on line is French brand Comptoir des Cotonniers. Mum gave me a lovely cream silk shirt by them, which I wear a lot.  I love this pale pink coat for Spring! Less boring than a beige trench coat, don't you think?

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