Why we love Steven Harkin bags

10 reasons why we love Steven Harkin bags

Last month, a lovely customer called to order her Steven Harkin handbag number 10! I have to share her words, they were so good to hear: “when I carry a Harkin bag, I don’t need to wear jewellery” … Isn’t this the best compliment ever? Thank you so much Julie!

So why do YOU love your Harkin bag?

  1. you are an independent woman

  2. you are tired of seeing the same bags over and over

  3. you DON’T like big branding bags

  4. you love clean lines, colour and sculpted shapes

  5. you love that YOU can choose colours and accessories

  6. you love to be different

  7. you support British made products

  8. you are stylish, of course!

  9. you are a fan of The Good Wife (link to fab black dresses and red outfits!)

  10. you love Audrey Hepburn and/or Julianna Margulies


We would love to know your story, tell us what you love about your Harkin bag, what made you buy your first one, where you bought it, which style was it, what colour? And what you would like next?






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